Egg Holocaust

Do you know HowToBasic? If you are a YouTube addict and you occasionally go after various how-to videos – such as video tutorials that shows you how to cook a vegan cake, how to put together a birdhouse out of scuffed slippers or how to grow a treble clef-shaped bonsai – there is a huge posssibility that you’ve already encountered some innocent looking video from this channel. Considering how disgustingly many views this video had, you probably said it has to be good, so you gave it a shot. And – Jeez! – how you were surprised…

How to Make a Vegan Cake According to HowToBasic

What the f*ck I just saw?!

Well…yeah, some demented(?) guy is doing an innocent tutorial, shot entirely from his point of view, but roughly in the middle of the video he suddenly loses his shit, smashes everything and mucks the whole place. Once he suddenly stuffs his leg into the toilet full of milk, that he has just threw up out there, another time he starts stuffing plucked chicken with his own fist so vehemently it squelches like two naughty rabbits in oiled porn. He destroys an iPhone in the video which was supposed to show you how to repair such a device, he lits a mattress in the garden, smashes a car in the garage with an axe, comforts a doll by her disfigured plastic face with his finger after taking her out of the oven, where she was cooked because she didn’t want to fall asleep. Or he pulls a tampon from his fictitious vagina which is being followed by about twenty liters of some red plumage running out of his crotch… and right after that by raw eggs, crashing into the floor and breaking. Then he slips on them and begins to roll in all that shit. Actually, he really likes raw eggs in general – they can not be missed in any of his videos. And they always have to be raw to give the best possible effect when he throws them against the wall, on his nasty friends, who are mostly fat and naked, or when he squashes them into really disgusting meals.


It‘s nothing but a visual gag based on machine-gun editing, exaggerated gestures, unexpectedly aggressive outbursts of the protagonist and on the ubiquitous odor of pervertness, most of which springs from the preparation of disgustingly squelching meals that nobody‘d want to eat. All this is further enhanced by master cook’s constant sniffing and deviant sighing.

It’s all very well done, it’s original and every episode get the desired effect, so the justification for the existence of such a thing is primarily a matter of viewer’s taste. And when we speak about the taste, the numbers speak very clearly – I mean the actual number of HowToBasic channel followers which is pretty close to 10 million for something like that. In fact, HowToBasic is the most watched Australian channel on this platform. That’s pretty impressive, huh? Looks like we are now handling Australia’s modern national treasure – Skippy and Crocodile Dundee can go sliding on their bare asses, reddish with envy. Let’s face it, this man just hit the jackpot… and people will want to imitate him. And they‘ll fail. Just look at howtomakefoodtv channel. Pretty lame, right? Well, when two do the same, it’s not always the same thing. HowToBasic has the advantage over the others that he’s probably a nutcase and he always goes full throttle.

It’s low… low entertainment for sure. But people somehow like it – because it’s tasteless, sick, perverse and aggressive. Perhaps it’s even a work of a mentally disturbed individual. It looks like nowadays you can get rich thanks to anything. Even thanks to egg holocaust shot in POV which must make every vegan cry (because that consumption of eggs is really enormous).

P.S.: This is supposed to be the guy behind the whole thing:


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