Here are The Ten Commandments for the year 2018. My commandments, maybe they will inspire you.

  • Do not hope for a new life on Mars, instead focus on the healing of our own planet – Earth is not dead yet. There is no need for another apocalyptic story. We’re not there yet. Live ecologically.

#mars #spacex #elonmusk #earth #home #ecology


  • Let us hope that world’s greatest egomaniacs will not start a new war. No need for this kind of story either.

#trump #putin #kimjongun


  • If you are not already there, start believing in global warming. It is as real as that dying polar bear.

#planet #earth #home #globalwarming #wakeup


  • Generally, don’t forget about the animals. Stop growing them like plants. Their fur belongs only to them. Give them proper lives. Think about how much suffering is hidden behind a slice of meat on your plate. Let them grow old. Don’t overlook it all just because it’s far more comfortable than cruel, naked truth.

#animals #animalrights #peta #vegetarian #vegan #life


  • Before getting a nice and cute puppy (and later – in many cases – putting it away) try to look for your new buddy in dog shelters. There are plenty of dogs waiting for a new home they deserve

#puppymadness #dogs #dogshelters #dogisnotathing


  • You’re not perfect. Nobody is. Accept it. Learn from it. Learn to tolerate the imperfection of other people. Imperfection is human.



  • Aim higher. Because… why not? Life without challenges is boring. And life is too short to be boring, right?

#challenge #life


  • Appreciate culture. You can identify yourself through it.

#appreciate #culture #identifyyourself


  • You don’t have to get along with everyone. I know, it’s somehow written in The Bible that you should but… it’s impossible. We can’t be compatible with everyone because we all are different, unique. Instead, choose people who will enrich your life, who are ond the same “wave”, and leave the rest to those who they are compatible with.

#people #relationships #differentpersonalities


  • Be open to new things. Accept the fact that you do not know everything. Accept the possibility that you could be wrong about something all the time. And in that case, don’t be afraid of new directions.

#humility #openness #curiosity



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