Vegan Poem

ol’ colonel Sanders & holy McDonald’s,

children addicted to cola-cocaine,

pieces of animals, burning, wriggling,

crowds od followers of the fast food religion

in the waiting line,

accepting killing and eating, looking away,

– my fat is my burden, my fat is my burden –

animals with their damn bad luck being an article,

nominated to be dominated,

honored to be dishonored,


don’t pretend it’s not happening, don’t look away,

have a courage to meet your meat,

meet your meat, meet your meat…

and then try to eat.


– Vyvyan Ost


Fish is Meat, really.

“But you eat fish, right?”

“Of course, man, why wouldn’t I eat them when they constantly make faces like vegetables? Besides, when you’re killing them they don’t even make a sound so it looks like it’s not even causing them any pain … little slippery carrots and zucchinis who float carefree in the river.”

If I eat fish? That’s perhaps the most cliché carnivore question that usually follows immediately after you come out with the fact that you are a vegetarian or vegan.

And yet it is so simple: when I’m a vegetarian I simply do not eat meat. No meat. And fish are also meat. Yeah, really.